Test report on the Chord QuteHD DSD DAC

The Chord QuteHD DSD is one of the very few DSD compatible DACs available. It uses the new standard known as “DoP” or DSD over PCM announced last year by the likes of dCS. This carries the DSD signal over a 176Khz PCM connection and includes tags to inform the DAC to treat the stream as DSD not PCM.

As I have a large collection of DSF filess, I was intrigued to find out if the sound was better than with a PCM conversion to 176Khz. I also wanted to compare it with the similarly priced Young M2 DAC that I have owned for well over a year, and can play resolutions up to 384Khz including DXD at 352Khz. The Young then can be fed a 352Khz file from Audirvana, converted on the fly from the DSF.
Full report here.

QuteHD DSD rear connections

Chord Qute sitting on a Young M2