Design for a Home cinema rack with isolated centre speaker

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I have designed a home cinema equipment rack to enable all my source components to be held conveniently with my home cinema pre-amp, and most importantly the centre speaker. The problem with centre speakers being positioned on the hi-fi rack is that the the speaker vibrates, and this will feedback to the components and cause a degradation in sound.

I therefore designed a rack, where the centre speaker is independently held up with a separate stand, but it appears to be integrated into the design of the hi-fi rack. I then commissioned a cabinet maker to build it in solid ash, with 10mm thick glass shelves, adjustable for height. The result you can see above.
It is now available to order – each one is custom made by the cabinet maker, who has been working with me on this project since the start. Over the next couple of weeks the rack will be on show at the Robinson House Studios in Newhaven, Sussex, England.

The centre speaker used here is the Kef Reference model 150. The rack can be scaled to fit other speakers, and a double width version could also be built to accommodate two columns of components.
As you can see this is a very stylish way to hide away the components and the wiring, and the glass, which has a darkened coating applied, enables the infra red signal from a remote to pass through it, but hides all those bright lights that can spoil your enjoyment of the darker scenes in a movie.

The shelves are all adjustable and further tuning of sound can be achieved by either using oak cones or soft isolators such as foculpods between the glass and the solid ash shelf supports. (Lookout for article on this)

The build quality as you can see is very high, with seasoned wood, craftsmen construction techniques including those wonderful joints, and is a very heavy structure.

As you can see this design has been aimed at those audiophiles that want a piece of quality furniture, that solves all the problems of access, vibration and aesthetics – and not a black metal rack with visible wires!


Contact the cabinet maker to discuss your requirements.

Alvaro Rodriguez Cabinet Maker

Location of display, Robinson House Studio

Robinson House Studio
Robinson Road


East Sussex



3 thoughts on “Design for a Home cinema rack with isolated centre speaker

  1. That’s a beautiful cabinet that appears to solve the problem of both dust and aesthetics. With the glass shelves, how well does it handle vibration/isolation? Will have to give Alvaro a jingle soon.

    • I used Foculpods under the glass shelves, but you could also use oak cones. If you have a concrete floor uses the oaks cones (available cheaply from ebay) if you have a wooden floor use Foculpods or other damped soft feet.

  2. It was great working together with Wayne. He came with all the knowledge about sound and I could focus on the cabinet and wood solutions.
    I am looking forward to our next project.

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